When should I visit Hakuba?

21 Jul

A question we often get asked is “When is the best time to come to Hakuba?”. The answer varies depending on what you are looking for.

December – The top of the bigger resorts open in early December, with lifts open right to the bottom of all resorts by December 20th. With uncrowded pistes and  big storms coming through, December can deliver great early season conditions (Last year produced 5 powder weekends in a row from late November). The other bonus is that you can take advantage  of reduced accommodation and lift ticket pricing.

Christmas to Late February  – Serious powder hounds will be looking at coming anywhere from Xmas to Mid-Late February when there is a great chance of scoring some of the famous Japanese powder. A week to 2 week stay during this period should see you getting enough powder days to keep you satisfied. Tree runs are filled in and there are great on and off piste conditions throughout the valley.  The best time to come for those who want to be sure of good conditions.

March – By early March the consistent storms have backed off and blue sky piste skiing, park riding or backcountry touring become the norm. Our accommodation rates go back to off-peak and you can expect some good uncrowded riding with a chance of a bit of powder.  A good month to come for those who are happy to ski without strict expectations.

Hope that helps you decide on the best time to visit, don’t hesitate contact us with any more questions or booking enquiries!